Over 700 people took part in the experiments

We are as obedient as Nazi functionaries.Or are we? Gina Perry, a psychologist from Australia, has written Behind the Shock Machine: The Untold Story of the Notorious Milgram Psychology Experiments. She has been retracing Milgram’s steps, interviewing his subjects decades later.”The thought of quitting never … occurred to me,” study participant Bill Menold told Perry in an . “Just to say: ‘You know what? I’m walking out of here’ —buy 25-27M Telescopic Work Platform from China which I could have done. It was like being in a situation that you never thought you would be in, not really being able to think clearly.

“In his experiments, Milgram was “looking to investigate what it was that had contributed to the brainwashing of American prisoners of war by the Chinese [in the Korean war],” Perry tells NPR’s Robert Siegel.”That was an unexpected outcome for me, really. I regarded Stanley Milgram as a misunderstood genius who’d been penalized in some ways for revealing something troubling and profound about human nature. By the end of my research I actually had quite a very different view of the man and the research.”

“Over 700 people took part in the experiments. When the news of the experiment was first reported, and the shocking statistic that 65 percent of people went to maximum voltage on the shock machine was reported, very few people, I think, realized then and even realize today that that statistic applied to 26 of 40 people. Of those other 700-odd people,buy manlift GTS6 from China obedience rates varied enormously. In fact, there were variations of the experiment where no one obeyed.”On how Milgram’s study coincided with the trial of Nazi officer Adolf Eichmann — and how the experiment reinforced what Hannah Arendt described as “the banality of evil”

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Rose talks “42” and Big Red Machine

“For what we could expect today, I”m pretty pleased because I was able to have a consistent pace, and I managed to get under 1″58″ at the end of the race. I did the whole race in front of Nicky; I pushed my hardest, and I didn”t make many mistakes. I”m happy with my performance, but of course the gap is too much; 35 seconds is really a lot.””Once again, the guys in front were quite a bit quicker than us. Dovi got away from me in the beginning, but I was able to bring him back and race with him a bit. He was right in front of me at the end, but there was really nowhere to put in a clean pass without making it touchy.

He rode a great race and covered all the lines the last couple laps. The bike was definitely better in the warm-up, and then in the race, I felt the best over the bumps that I have all weekend. I did the sighting lap on the hard front tyre, but I switched to the soft on the grid. It was a bit of a gamble, but it turned out to be the right choice.””It was a difficult weekend for us again because we had the same problems as last week at Indianapolis. Both of our riders did a very good job, and they gave their best efforts, but we”re aware that despite the little improvements we”ve made so far, we still have a long way to go in improving the GP13. Obviously, more technical steps will be necessary to bring us closer to the second group. We”ll also continue with our intense testing program.

We have some new parts to try as we work to improve the bike”s behaviour.” “You know why Joe Morgan had so many RBI?” Rose asked.”Because Griffey and I were always getting on base. You know why Bench had so many RBI? Add Morgan to the on-base mix. That”s why I give Perez so much credit. He had a lot of RBI, and there weren”t many guys being left on-base by Morgan and Bench.”Talking to Rose about baseball is a trip down memory lane — all the way back to 1955, when he and his dad would go down to Crosley Field to watch the Reds play the Brooklyn Dodgers.

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Inexpensive CNC Machines Turn Students Into Manufacturers

A slate of DARPA projects already in the works are also inching closer to building robots of war that mimics the brains of animals. Now the agency is taking the audacious goal a step further. In the future, these intelligent machines could not just autonomously think, remember, and reason like humans or at least dogs and monkeys, but even do so in real-time,20M Articulated Work Platform manufacturers and exporters based on the current surroundings and new information. That would certainly be a powerful—if unwieldy—tool in the Defense Department’s pocket.The world of manufacturing is certainly changing.

Increasingly, it doesn’t involve people, but robotic power tools known as CNC, or computer-numerical-control machines. Let’s hear now about a California company that’s working to make that technology accessible to kids.JON KALISH, BYLINE: Otherlab is a research and development firm housed in a former pipe organ factory in the Mission District of San Francisco. The organs that were made here were used to rouse religious congregations. The hope now is that the affordable 18M Articulated Work Platform manufacturers and exporters being manufactured in this space will inspire very small manufacturers and high school students.

Civilization is built on tools, and these are the most powerful tools that civilization has ever been able to produce, because the computer can give precision that your hand never will.Saul Griffith won a MacArthur genius grant in 2007 for his work on a machine that manufactures low-cost eyeglass lenses, and a comic book called “Howtoons” that explains science and engineering to kids. Griffith is passionate about preparing students for the technological challenges of the 21st Century.Computer-controlled machines and robots are the future of manufacturing everywhere on Earth. We need to be teaching American kids how to use them and design and build them now.

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With Winning Machine’s good early speed

“You don’t know from year to year whether you will have a horse that can run in the Mile. Who knows, I might not have another horse like that again in my career. So to lose by a head bob was very disappointing.”After that narrow miss, Winning Machine was sent to Santa Anita in Arcadia, Calif., where he’peted against some of the best horses in the country. In the Grade I Awesome Again stakes in September, he set the early pace but faded to sixth of nine.The horse got an extended break after that, returning to action at Emerald in April.

He is winless in four tries this year, with a second and a third, but Lucarelli said the horse is happy, healthy and just as good as last year.Lucarelli blames himself for a couple of the losses, saying he made bad strategic decisions.Sunday’s task was not made easier when Winning Machine drew the No. 12 post position, which partially explains why the horse is 15-1 on the morning line.But drawing the far outside made Sunday’s strategy straightforward. Lucarelli wants jockey Javier Matias to run the horse hard into the first turn while trying to get a spot where he is not forced too wide.

With Winning Machine’s good early speed, he has a chance to make that happen.”If you asked every trainer in the race which post they least wanted to have, I think they all would have said post No. 12,” Lucarelli said. “But we’ll be loading last, and we should be able to get in and out of there pretty quickly. Hopefully, he’ll be on his toes and ready to run. If he just had stalking speed, he would be in a rough spot. But he has enough speed and if we got the best horse, I think he can win.”Coldwater won the first Mile in 1935 from the No. 12 post. It took 74 years for the next winner from post No. 12, when Assessment did it in 2009.

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They’re not just killing machines anymore

Whisler’s drone art “finds a way to speak about the surveillance state that seems to be creeping upon us.” Much like watchtowers, drones are “oddly sinister … with darkened windows, you cannot see who is piloting them.Earlier this year, Whisler made noise after affixing his own roadside signs on California’s highways that read “SPEED ENFORCED BY DRONES.” Bridle says his art is similarly interested in exposing the connection between secret surveillance,buy SRRL50D Main Specification from China power projection and new technology through installations.

“It’s very strange that these days we have no idea of the battlefields on which war is being fought,” he said in an interview with the BBC. “But at the same time we’ve built technology that allows us to see the whole world on your phone. I wanted to use these technologies to make visible the contemporary battlefields, these drone strikes.”Started in late 2012, Bridle’s project — known as Dronestagram — takes Google Earth images of the landscape that the high-tech killing machines see just before an attack and posts them, along with captions describing the location’s specific attack,buy SRRL50F Main Specification from China across Tumblr, Twitter and Instagram.Dronestagram is just one drone-related project Bridle has developed.

Since February 2012, Bridle and Einar Sneve Martinussen, a Norwegian visual artist, have replicated drone’s shadows on the sidewalks of major cities around the world.For Bridle, both Dronestagram and the drone shadows are meant to push the debate on drones and reveal the connections between technology and warfare. “We use military technologies like GPS and Kinect for work and play; they continue to be used militarily to maim and kill, ever further away and ever less visible,” Bridle said in an interview with GlobalPost.

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It’s kind of genius, when you think about it

It’s kind of genius, when you think about it: keep selling washing machines that grow mold, and then make more money by marketing special soap to kill the mold. Except that Affresh didn’t cure the mold, the court said. Whirlpool made design changes that reduced the mold problem, but even Sears, which sold the machines, says the alterations reduced the mold but didn’t eliminate it, according to another federal appeals court. Yet both Whirlpool and Sears continued to sell these washing machines, at the also astonishing number of 200,000 a year.You might think customer reviews on the Internet would put a stop to this, but don’t forget all the people who buy goods in actual stores without doing research online.

I’m no domestic goddess, but I do most of the laundry in my house, and this is a story that struck fear into my consumer heart. It made me run down to my basement to check the brand of our front-loading washing machine.It didn’t dismay me in the slightest to learn that Glazer sued, on behalf of herself and tens of thousands of other mold-plagued Whirlpool customers in Ohio, where she lives. Another lawsuit is pending that involves the machines sold by Sears.Because the moldy washing machine owners are suing in groups, their lawsuits are called class actions. This is the efficient way to go — a couple of mass cases instead of a zillion individual ones.

For a problem like a moldy washing machine, where the damages for each person are relatively small, a class action is often the only way to find a plaintiff’s lawyer willing to invest time in the case. After all, however infuriating it would be to find you can’t keep your washing machine clean, you’re not going to die or lose a limb over it.The 6th Circuit, in Glazer’s case against Whirlpool, and also the 7th Circuit, in the case against Sears, each ruled that the suits should go forward as class actions. To be clear, these rulings say nothing about who will win — they’re just allowing Glazer and the other disappointed washing machine owners to get into court as a group.

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The destruction of the life of Malvina Monteiro

When the owner agreed to convert the parking lot to open space, The Machine conducted a celebration in which Machine Activists were treated like royalty and Sheila and I were ignored, shunned.The same con exists on the Charles River. The pitch is to ignore the very real problems irresponsibly created over the past 13 years and ignore the irresponsible plans to make things even worse. When the state wanted to expand the outrage, The China Wheel Loader for sale tried to ram it through, but The Meeting front organization did not look like it would approve the outrage. So they delayed the action from the January meeting to the February meeting which was held on April 23 at which time they demonstrated clear corruption.

Throughout all this, the key is holier than thou goals which have a strong tendency not only not to be achieved but to see achievements which the group supposedly opposes. Good people are being misused by lies of omission and’mission and by fake definitions under which “environmentalism” has b’e protecting that part of the environment the City of Cambridge does not feel like destroying at the present time.By now all active pols have to be part of The Machine or else.Interestingly, the senator representing the Western part of the city is running for congress bragging of defending Alewife. I explained reality to one of his workers who was appropriate shocked.

The destruction of the life of Malvina Monteiro because she filed a civil rights’plaint is one of the few excellent examples which have escaped the deliberate murk of shunning.Judge, Jury and Appeals Court condemned the Cambridge City Manager for destroying the life of Malvina Monteiro in very strong terms.The buy Wheel loader SRRL16F-II from China gave the Cambridge City Council full power to fire the Cambridge City Manager for malfeasance in office.Exactly zero attempts were made to fire the Cambridge City Manager. A motion to slap him on the wrist was tabled with some folks who filed the motion voting to table.This response, of necessity, left a lot out.

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Doubling McDonald’s Salaries A Great Way To Get Workers Replaced By Machines

A recent article at the Huffington Post makes the claim that if McDonald’s MCD +0.2% doubled its employees salaries it would only cause the price of a Big Mac to go up by 68 cents. The implication here is that 68 cents isn’t much money, so they should do it. There’s a few things missing from this. One is that the article itself alleges that doubling wages would lead to a 17% increase in costs. And I guess this is obviously supposed to seem like a small amount? It doesn’t look that way to me. What do people expect will happen when prices go up 17%? If McDonald’s could raise its prices by that much without lowering demand they would. No, what would happen is people would shop at those stores less, there would be less profit and less McDonald’s stores to hire workers.

You may have the impression from reports on the minimum wage literature that wages and employment aren’t related, and that there is no such thing as labor demand. Unfortunately I think this isn’t an unreasonable impression to take from much of the discussion, but it is in fact incorrect. You’d be hard pressed to find labor economists who think that if McDonald’s had to pay double wages there wouldn’t be a disemployment effect at McDonald’s stores. For one thing there is a difference between wages being artificially pushed up across an entire state’s labor market by the minimum wage and wages being pushed up artificially at an individual firm. So long as McDonald’s acted alone, people would shift some purchases to other fast food chains. In addition, while some economists doubt that the labor demand curve matters for small changes in wages I can promise you they all thing it matters at some point. And doubling of salaries is a big change.

Most importantly perhaps is what this does to McDonald’s incentives. We’re hearing more and more about machines replacing workers and there are some obvious contenders for replacement within a McDonald’s. Have you ever been to a Sheetz or Wawa ? As you can see in the picture below, they have ordering screens that allow you to place orders without speaking to anyone. It’s not hard to imagine McDonald’s switching to a system like this for credit card orders.

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How the internet of things is changing the world

Cars, buildings, vending machines and heart monitors will soon be routinely reporting their status through the internet to other machines.The result will be an unprecedented growth in data that will need to be stored, analysed and assessed.The growth of the internet of things opens up huge potential benefits for society, and lucrative business opportunities for those organisations able to harness it.But as growing volumes of personal data are traded back and Road Roller SRRR210H manufacturers and exporters, there are growing concerns over the risks that machine to machine’munication poses to personal privacy.”In the hands of the wrong people, this is massively valuable information,” Dan Wood, senior marketing manager at HP, told IT leaders at Computer Weekly’s 500 Club. “Breaches will occur.”

Within seven years, according to HP’s projections, the growth of internet-connected sensors will contribute a 50-fold growth in the volume of data on the planet.Grappling with these volumes of data will test today’s IT systems and security systems to the limit. The volume of data is expanding at a rate that is far outstripping the ability of humans to keep pace.”We as human beings cannot see all the insight in this data. We need Road Roller SRRR220 manufacturers and exporters; we need the intelligent software to actually help us cope with this,” said Wood.Mobile phone operators are investing millions in the mobile network technology that will make the internet of things a reality.Mobile operator EE, formerly Everything Everywhere, believes that the next generation of mobile phone technology, 4G, will drive the internet of things.

The technology will open up the radio spectrum needed to allow sensors to’municate at high speed over the internet, said Marc Overton, vice-president of wholesale and machine to machine at EE.”Data just eats spectrum. If you want to get into mobile-enabled connected devices, you need gallons and gallons of spectrum,” he said.One of the first places the internet of things will make its presence felt is on the high street.Shops will install interactive screens to tailor their displays to the shopper walking by – Minority Report style.Some retailers, such as John Lewis, are equipping sales assistants with iPads fitted with payment devices, so customers do not have to go to the till to pay.

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Yawn-Activated Machine Gives You Free Douwe Egberts Coffee

Somewhere out there is a world where you don’t have to wait in line for coffee — where you don’t have to get stampeded by caffeine addicts, where all you have to do is yawn, and magically, your warm cup of joe is there waiting for you. You’re safe and you’re satisfied. Dreaming?Well, Dutch coffee.pany Douwe Egberts, as part of a new campaign, is making those dreams.e true. The.pany souped up a coffee vending machine with facial recognition technology and created a mechanical barista that dishes you what is essentially a free cup. The machine was placed in front of weary red-eye travelers at airports see above and below.The campaign, dubbed “Bye Bye Red Eye,” served more than 210 airport passengers.

The coffee was free for the most part — the only currency it required was a yawn, which was recognized by the machine’s facial recognition technology.A dead body was fished out of a drain with the help of a JCB digging machine and carried to hospital piled up on garbage in Uttar Pradesh’s Firozabad town. Two policemen have been suspended, an official said.The incident took place Sunday in the Nalbandan area of the town when people spotted the naked dead body of a youngster lying in a big drain.Policemen came and asked for a JCB machine of the municipal corporation, used to clean drains and lift garbage from various city dumps.The JCB was then pressed into service to lift out the dead body, which was identified by Jitendra Joshi, resident of Chandravargate, as that of  his 18-year-old son Shivam.

The teenager had gone missing for the last four days, the inconsolable Joshi told policemen and requested them to call an ambulance to place the body with some dignity.The pleas of the father and other residents went unheard and for full four km, till the district hospital, the body was taken on the JCB machine’s plougher along with garbage even as passers-by were left shocked.As the anger among people grew, Superintendent of Police Rakesh Singh suspended two policemen – Man Singh and Vijaypal Singh of the Rasoolpur police station.”This type of behaviour is.pletely unacceptable and we have taken tough action against the errant policemen,” he told IANS.

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