The destruction of the life of Malvina Monteiro

When the owner agreed to convert the parking lot to open space, The Machine conducted a celebration in which Machine Activists were treated like royalty and Sheila and I were ignored, shunned.The same con exists on the Charles River. The pitch is to ignore the very real problems irresponsibly created over the past 13 years and ignore the irresponsible plans to make things even worse. When the state wanted to expand the outrage, The China Wheel Loader for sale tried to ram it through, but The Meeting front organization did not look like it would approve the outrage. So they delayed the action from the January meeting to the February meeting which was held on April 23 at which time they demonstrated clear corruption.

Throughout all this, the key is holier than thou goals which have a strong tendency not only not to be achieved but to see achievements which the group supposedly opposes. Good people are being misused by lies of omission and’mission and by fake definitions under which “environmentalism” has b’e protecting that part of the environment the City of Cambridge does not feel like destroying at the present time.By now all active pols have to be part of The Machine or else.Interestingly, the senator representing the Western part of the city is running for congress bragging of defending Alewife. I explained reality to one of his workers who was appropriate shocked.

The destruction of the life of Malvina Monteiro because she filed a civil rights’plaint is one of the few excellent examples which have escaped the deliberate murk of shunning.Judge, Jury and Appeals Court condemned the Cambridge City Manager for destroying the life of Malvina Monteiro in very strong terms.The buy Wheel loader SRRL16F-II from China gave the Cambridge City Council full power to fire the Cambridge City Manager for malfeasance in office.Exactly zero attempts were made to fire the Cambridge City Manager. A motion to slap him on the wrist was tabled with some folks who filed the motion voting to table.This response, of necessity, left a lot out.

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