Inexpensive CNC Machines Turn Students Into Manufacturers

A slate of DARPA projects already in the works are also inching closer to building robots of war that mimics the brains of animals. Now the agency is taking the audacious goal a step further. In the future, these intelligent machines could not just autonomously think, remember, and reason like humans or at least dogs and monkeys, but even do so in real-time,20M Articulated Work Platform manufacturers and exporters based on the current surroundings and new information. That would certainly be a powerfulif unwieldytool in the Defense Department’s pocket.The world of manufacturing is certainly changing.

Increasingly, it doesn’t involve people, but robotic power tools known as CNC, or computer-numerical-control machines. Let’s hear now about a California company that’s working to make that technology accessible to kids.JON KALISH, BYLINE: Otherlab is a research and development firm housed in a former pipe organ factory in the Mission District of San Francisco. The organs that were made here were used to rouse religious congregations. The hope now is that the affordable 18M Articulated Work Platform manufacturers and exporters being manufactured in this space will inspire very small manufacturers and high school students.

Civilization is built on tools, and these are the most powerful tools that civilization has ever been able to produce, because the computer can give precision that your hand never will.Saul Griffith won a MacArthur genius grant in 2007 for his work on a machine that manufactures low-cost eyeglass lenses, and a comic book called “Howtoons” that explains science and engineering to kids. Griffith is passionate about preparing students for the technological challenges of the 21st Century.Computer-controlled machines and robots are the future of manufacturing everywhere on Earth. We need to be teaching American kids how to use them and design and build them now.

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