Rose talks “42” and Big Red Machine

“For what we could expect today, I”m pretty pleased because I was able to have a consistent pace, and I managed to get under 1″58″ at the end of the race. I did the whole race in front of Nicky; I pushed my hardest, and I didn”t make many mistakes. I”m happy with my performance, but of course the gap is too much; 35 seconds is really a lot.””Once again, the guys in front were quite a bit quicker than us. Dovi got away from me in the beginning, but I was able to bring him back and race with him a bit. He was right in front of me at the end, but there was really nowhere to put in a clean pass without making it touchy.

He rode a great race and covered all the lines the last couple laps. The bike was definitely better in the warm-up, and then in the race, I felt the best over the bumps that I have all weekend. I did the sighting lap on the hard front tyre, but I switched to the soft on the grid. It was a bit of a gamble, but it turned out to be the right choice.””It was a difficult weekend for us again because we had the same problems as last week at Indianapolis. Both of our riders did a very good job, and they gave their best efforts, but we”re aware that despite the little improvements we”ve made so far, we still have a long way to go in improving the GP13. Obviously, more technical steps will be necessary to bring us closer to the second group. We”ll also continue with our intense testing program.

We have some new parts to try as we work to improve the bike”s behaviour.” “You know why Joe Morgan had so many RBI? Rose asked.”Because Griffey and I were always getting on base. You know why Bench had so many RBI? Add Morgan to the on-base mix. That”s why I give Perez so much credit. He had a lot of RBI, and there weren”t many guys being left on-base by Morgan and Bench.Talking to Rose about baseball is a trip down memory lane all the way back to 1955, when he and his dad would go down to Crosley Field to watch the Reds play the Brooklyn Dodgers.

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