Over 700 people took part in the experiments

We are as obedient as Nazi functionaries.Or are we? Gina Perry, a psychologist from Australia, has written Behind the Shock Machine: The Untold Story of the Notorious Milgram Psychology Experiments. She has been retracing Milgram’s steps, interviewing his subjects decades later.”The thought of quitting never … occurred to me,” study participant Bill Menold told Perry in an . “Just to say: ‘You know what? I’m walking out of here’ buy 25-27M Telescopic Work Platform from China which I could have done. It was like being in a situation that you never thought you would be in, not really being able to think clearly.

“In his experiments, Milgram was “looking to investigate what it was that had contributed to the brainwashing of American prisoners of war by the Chinese [in the Korean war],” Perry tells NPR’s Robert Siegel.”That was an unexpected outcome for me, really. I regarded Stanley Milgram as a misunderstood genius who’d been penalized in some ways for revealing something troubling and profound about human nature. By the end of my research I actually had quite a very different view of the man and the research.”

“Over 700 people took part in the experiments. When the news of the experiment was first reported, and the shocking statistic that 65 percent of people went to maximum voltage on the shock machine was reported, very few people, I think, realized then and even realize today that that statistic applied to 26 of 40 people. Of those other 700-odd people,buy manlift GTS6 from China obedience rates varied enormously. In fact, there were variations of the experiment where no one obeyed.”On how Milgram’s study coincided with the trial of Nazi officer Adolf Eichmann and how the experiment reinforced what Hannah Arendt described as “the banality of evil”

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